Medicare and irritating politicians

The discussion about the medicare bill has gotten me very angry about politics. For those of you not following it, the discussion goes something like this.

Republicans just passed a medicare bill, and the Democrats don’t like this because, darn it, Medicare is a Democrat issue. They opposed the bill, the reasoning goes, not because it was something they disagreed with, but because Democrats, not Republicans, are supposed to pass bills like this.


I find this utterly disgusting. The idea that there’s no thought for the best interests of the American people, but only interest in politics for the sake of politics, is revolting. Even more revolting is the way that people are talking along these lines as though this makes sense, and is the way that things should be.

I’m not even claiming that the bill is good or bad. Not knowing anything about Medicare, I really don’t have any basis for an opinion. I’m just saying that the attitudes about the bill are utterly disgusting. To put party alliance above all other considerations, even the value of the bill itself, is disgraceful. To not even be aware that it is disgraceful is also disgraceful.