McDonands to think for us

Well, thank the stars, McDonalds is going to think for us, so we don’t have to. Because Americans are, apparently, too dumb to make decisions about what they eat, McDonalds is removing items from their menu that might be unhealthy if, say, some moron were to eat nothing but McDonalds food for a month. (And, to make it worse, he won an award for it?.) So, in an attempt to protect us from our own stupidity, they’re going to remove the SuperSize option. Perhaps they should also impose a restriction on how many times I’m permitted to eat there in a week, since *clearly* i’m too dumb to make that kind of decision on my own.

Frankly, I’m slack-jawed in amazement that people can be so dumb. Not McDonalds, of course. They’re doing the only sensible thing, in the light of getting sued because idiots don’t realize that eating nothing but burgers and fries might be a health risk. I’m gratified, however, that the courts have thrown out some of these lawsuits. I hope they also fined the lawyers in question for filing boneheaded suits.

Since first grade, we have been taught to eat a balanced diet. Folks, “balanced” does not mean one cheeseburger in each hand. I think that’s obvious to most people not intentionally trying to be obtuse.

I’m waiting for someone to sue a liquor store because they went for a month on nothing but beer and vodka, and their health deterioriated.