Sarah talked me into going to see Madagascar.

As you may know, Madagascar is the latest movie by the same cinematic geniuses that brought us that masterpiece Shark Tale.

(*ahem*. Note to those unaware of my tendency to sarcasm. Shark Tale was quite possibly responsible for the most completely unredeemably wasted 90 minutes of 2004.)

Well, as stunningly bad as Shark Tale was, Madascar wasn’t that good. It had its moments, I suppose. The penguins saved it from being a complete flop, and even the lemurs were kinda cool. The reference to Planet Of The Apes (which *nobody* else in the theater got) was priceless. The “stars”, however, in their attempts to prop up what one might laughingly call a plot, were just awful. Shark Tale, at least, had De Niro. Madagascar as a hypochondriac giraffe. I can hardly wait for next summer, when the squirrels take back the forest from the hunters. (Alas, I’m not making that up. If only I were.)

Oh, I suppose it’s worth mentioning that Sarah thought it was just great, but there are a few brief parts that are somewhat scary, on the 7-year-old-girl scale.