My Mac has arrived. I’m posting this from my Powerbook G4. I think I’m happy about this, but time will tell. It is certainly very shiny, but it’s also sufficiently different from what I’m used to that I think that there will be a lot of frustrations and annoyanced. Or, perhaps not. We’ll see.

I *love* the keyboard, which, strangely, I thought I would find a little annoying. It is soft, but with exactly the right amount of feedback. The key travel is perhaps just a trifle too short, but I expect I’ll get used to that. As expected, I don’t like the trackpad. But, then, I just don’t like trackpads, so what can you do?

Anyways, to all my Mac-fan friends, I expect that I’ll be asking all sorts of questions over the next few months. Or maybe it will just be so intuitive that I won’t need to.