LUG Library software

Our LUG has put together a simple library thingy for our web site, which lets us list the books that we have in our library, and lets people post reviews of these books. This, in turn, encourages the publishers to keep sending us more books. (Lest anyone should think, for a moment, that this wasn’t entirely mercenary in motivation.)

The software is mod_perl, and, now that it is mostly functional, we’d be delighted to let people poke around at the source. We had talked about moving it to if there seemed to be any actual interest, since, at the moment, the cvs repository is on my home machine, which makes me somewhat reluctant to hand out accounts like candy.

Yes, it is very limited, annoying in a number of ways, and lacks some rather important features. But we are making good progress, and hope to have something a little more functional pretty soon.