Linux video editing

Quick notes about my video editing woes, so that I don’t have to keep repeating myself

I’m recording the original content with RecordMyDesktop, which outputs ogv format. Have had no luck with other recording tools. ffmpeg seems to be the one most frequently requested, but getting it to record a window, or even a frame, rather than the whole screen, has evaded me so far.

OpenShot: Nice interface, but audio is always either double-speed or garbled, even when I record it externally (Audacity) and then try to insert it.

Avidemux: Won’t open ogv video, and I can’t get the necessary libraries/plugins to install.

Handbrake apparently won’t build on Fedora 18. Getting warnings about libvorbis.

Found a resource that recommended kdenlive, so that’s what I’m trying next.

UPDATE: Ok, that worked. What I can’t figure is why it took me so long to find that answer. Things like OpenShot and Avidemux are recommended everywhere, despite numerous people reporting exactly the problems that I experienced.