Lightning has just struck my brain

I’ve just had an apostrophe. Seems that the reason that I enjoyed Wil’s book so much is that it has much the same theme as Dandelion Wine. (Heh. It always comes back to that, hmm?) That is, noticing life as it goes past. But he even goes a little farther — noticing the good bits, really remembering the good bits, and letting the bad bits just fade away. And, of course, enjoying being a kid, even if you’re not a kid any more. 😉

And, as an aside, apparently online snacks and food are terrorist tools. Now they’ve only got diet coke, water, and orange juice. And the flight to Portland has food available to buy. Oy. I’ll bet they have paper knives too. Or perhaps pre-chewed food. I think I’ll eat in Atlanta instead.