Lies and Lobbying

Wishing that Facebook had filters by topic, so that I could avoid the relentless misinformation around the Affordable Care Act.

It’s truly perplexing to me that folks feel the need to invent things about the bill in order to oppose it. If your reason for opposing the bill is “I don’t trust the President”, then say that. But please, please, please, if you’re going to attempt to make claims about the bill, then read this first: … And then don’t make any of the claims that are debunked there.

Find something that you actually oppose in the bill, and talk about that. Better yet, talk about your frustration with the BILLIONS of dollars that the medical and insurance lobbying organizations are pouring into the effort to keep you misinformed, and your frustration with the people in Congress and in the media who are *actively* reinforcing the lies about death panels and other such nonsense, so that you will oppose a bill you’ve never read, and which apparently they haven’t either. Or read one of the sites that explains what the bill says, like Yes, you could claim that that site is going to lie to you, but we know for a fact that the media is lying to you about it.

And if you still oppose the bill, GREAT, oppose it. But oppose the bill, not a mythical straw-man constructed out of half-lies and blatant lies. It just doesn’t make sense, when so much information is so freely available.