A while back, as I mentioned, I got a Kindle. I now read almost everything on my Kindle, and get frustrated when a book isn’t available in that format.

Meanwhile, my long-time colleague David Welton started Liberwriter, which lets anybody create a well-formatted Kindle book, regardless of technical experience. He was kind enough to let me be an early tester, and I have published one of my poetry books in the Kindle store. He’s written an interesting article about the proces of starting a small business.

I’ve long wanted to do a new edition of my mod_rewrite book. I recently agreed to do a series of articles for a certain magazine (more information once it’s actually published) and one of them is a mod_rewrite article. This seems like a good starting place, and I’ve started working on a Kindle version, with the idea that it will be primarily a Kindle/Nook/etc book, and maybe a print book later on. And, of course, I’m using Liberwriter to do it.

As it happens, I have a four-month exclusive contract with the publisher of the article in question, so I can’t just slam the article out there as a Kindle book, but rather will use it as a starting place for that content, and work from there. I’m really looking forward to this.

Of course, there’s a few other things I need to finish working on first …