Lexington has a new website.

I won’t complain about the design, because I’m not a designer, and only vaguely know good design from a hole in the ground. Designer friends and acquaintances assure me it’s terrible. What do I know?

I could, I suppose, complain that the calendar has RSS, but no ICal, so it’s not actually useful. But I suppose that not everybody likes for calendars to be actually useful.

However, what I will complain about is that the website was produced by a company not only outside of Lexington, not only outside of Kentucky, but in California. I’ve mentioned before, I know. how much it bugs me that the Lexington City Council routinely makes business decisions that harm central Kentucky and assist folks outside of our local economy, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to me. But it still irritates me. Enormously.

Our city council is a bunch of rich folks who never had to manage a budget bigger than their grocery money, and are now running the show for a small city. I admit, it’s a tiny city, and really probably not very important in the grand scheme of things. But it’s MY city, and it’s MY home, and it’s where MY kids go to school, and it’s where I pay taxes. And, darn it, I want to support LOCAL businesses, LOCAL farmers, LOCAL schools, and LOCAL artists. It infuriates me when our city council *consistently* sends work out of state, when there are DOZENS of local web firms that could have done the job cheaper and better, and kept the money in the local economy.

I’d have voted for someone else in the city council race, but my district’s seat was uncontested.

Maybe I should run.