Less exhausted

Last night I actually got to bed before 11. I went to James Duncan Davidson’s birthday party – Ken gave me a ride – and then left after just a little while. It was painfully loud, and I was really tired. So Ken and Ted and I left. When I got back to the Marriott, the Sams people were gathering out front, presumably to go out somewhere. I thought about it briefly, but then had Ken take me to my hotel, where I immediately went to sleep. I imagine that I’d have been out until 12 or 1 if I had joined the Sams folks.

So now I feel moderately human, and can think coherently. Today there are some very interesting sounding talks, including Milton Ngan’s talk about LOTR and LOTR-induced technology (he’s sitting across from me right now working on his talk) and Schuyler’s talk about GRASS.

Then, after the closing talk, I guess there will be more geocaching. 🙂