King’s Island

Sarah and I, along with Annie, Bob, and Abby, went to King’s Island yesterday. It was hot, and a beautiful day, but the park wasn’t too terribly crowded. We spent most of the afternoon (at least, after lunch) in the water part of the park, doing all manner of water slide rides. That is, the girls and I did. Bob and Annie sat in the shade. 🙂

Sarah *LOVED* her first roller coaster rides. She was very disappointed at how many rides they wouldn’t let her on due to her height. That seemed very unfair to her. 🙁

We got back to Lexington after 10, and Sarah was so fast asleep that she didn’t wake up taking her out of the Jeep or putting her in bed.

We saw a statue of Don Quixote on the main street entering the park, and Sarah knew what his horse’s name was. I’m so proud. 🙂