Key signing

Key signing this evening. Some folks coming in from out of town, and, hopefully, folks from in the area that we don’t get to come out very often.

Perhaps I take it a little too seriously, but I feel that attending these events is one of my obligations to the Apache community, so that folks can verify distros. And I’m pretty well linked to anyone that is ever likely to do an Apache release. Of course, by proxy, I’m pretty well connected to people that will do releases of other software too, so it works for that too.

Using the script at to generate sheets to take to the signing, for easy verification of keys, and reduced chances of mis-copying keys as they are read off. The trick is getting people to read off of their own copy of their key, rather than just reading off of the sheet, and thus proving that they can read, not that the key is the real one. 😉

Note that the default behavior is to output a sheet for your entire keyring. If you replace the line:

@fps = `gpg –fingerprint –keyring $ARGV[0]`;


@fps = `gpg –fingerprint @ARGV`;

then you can just type a list of keyIDs (or names) that you wish to appear on the sheet, and get something more customized to the event in question.

On a related note, you might want to look at the GPG key with key ID 1234 5678. Just kinda funny.