Joost, finally

I installed Joost way back when it was in private pre-release beta. Every time I have attempted to run it, it has prompted me to download a new version. That takes forever, by which time I have to move on to something else, and forget about it for a month or so – by which time there’s another update.

Last night as the very first time I’ve actually run the Joost application, in all that time since the first install.

I was very impressed with the quality of video, and the magic of getting all that content over my meager bandwidth.

I was less impressed with the selection of content. Not that there wasn’t a huge amount of it – there was – but most of it was stuff that had absolutely no interest for me.

We did, however, find some Stan Laurel movies, which were worth watching.

So maybe this time I’ll watch it once or twice before I have to download another update. But probably not.