Jeeps and fuel efficiency

Oh, yeah, there was something else.

This morning we went looking at cars. The price of gas has crossed that magical threshold where I have to start considering whether to get rid of the Jeep. I love my Jeep, but it gets 12 miles per gallon, which isn’t great. I have to start looking at vehicles that get better fuel consumption.

This is somewhat complicated by the fact that I have no car payment. So in order to get savings in fuel, I have to add a car payment. I’m not sure how much sense that makes. It’s all rather irritating.

So we looked primarily at the VW Beetles, convertibles. I think that we’ve decided that *IF* we have to get rid of the Jeep, that’s what we’ll get. We also looked at a PT Cruiser and a Mustang. Sarah didn’t like the Cruiser. We both loved the Mustang, but the gas mileage really isn’t much better, and they are pretty pricey.

I think we have decided to hang onto the Jeep for another year, and see what happens to gas prices. But the Jeep is also going on 9 years old, and I really want to have something that I can rely on, so maybe that decision will have to come again pretty soon anyway. 🙁

We looked at a Diesel VW Bug, and that gets crazy mileage. Apparently, according to the salescritter, US Diesel is far dirtier than European Diesel, and that’s why Diesel cars are so uncommon in the US. The US government, so keen on alternate fuel sources, and reducing our reliance on oil, are keeping these cars out because they produce more emissions, but they’re not encouraging the gas companies to clean up the Diesel.

I really hate our government sometimes.