I’ll be arriving in Stuttgart on Saturday morning, around 09:00.

I’m speaking on Monday morning, and there are some things that I want to do at the Hackathon. We’ve discussed the possibility of a road trip on Tuesday, but nothing is firm yet.

The rest of the week, I’m speaking twice on Wednesday, and once on Thursday. It’s the most pleasant schedule I’ve had at an ApacheCon in a very long time. Nothing at all on Friday, and nothing Thursday morning. I might actually be able to attend some of the talks I’m interested in.

Some of the sessions I’m interested in include Mad’s mod_rewrite talk (so that I can maybe figure out what I need to say when I give that talk at OSCon), What Time Is It, about date/time handling in PHP, and Apache on OSX.

If you’re not registered for ApacheCon yet, there’s still time, and we’d really love to have you there.