Ireland, day three

We finished scheduling the talks, and saw the conference facilities, today. It’s going to be another great conference. From 210+ talks we had to select 72, which wasn’t an easy task. But I think we came up with the best possible schedule that we could. I hope everyone is satisfied, although it’s always hard to have to tell folks that they’ve been rejected.

With any luck we’ll send out the speaker notifications in the next 2 or 3 days, then we can post the schedule on the website.

We went out for a little bit of geocaching. It was pretty cold, and rained and hailed briefly while we were out. We found the Iveagh cache in Iveagh Gardens, which is a beautiful little park just down the road from the hotel. We also visited St. Steven’d Green, which was very beautiful too. I got some pictures. I’ll see in a moment if any of them were any good.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow, and I don’t imagine I’ll be online much more between now and then.