Ireland, day one, sort of

I’m in Heathrow, waiting for my next flight. I arrived at the gate as they were closing the door, and they wouldn’t let me on. So I have to wait another hour. Not a big deal, I guess, but I’m *so* tired. United “Economy Plus” is way *way* more comfortable than Delta – lots more leg room – but it’s still not quite the same as being in my own warm bed. So I got perhaps 2 or 3 hours of sleep on a night that was at least 5 hours shortened. I think. I’m not entirely sure what timezone I’m in. I’ll figure it out in time to go back home. 🙂

This is the most convoluted flight plan I think I’ve ever had. Well, Moscow was convoluted, but that’s half-way around the world, so one expects that. I flew over Dublin about 2 hours ago, and hopefully I’ll finally get there in about 2 hours.

I will *never* use again. Ever.

Turns out I misread my itinerary on the way home. I read that I was arriving in Chicago at 7pm, leaving Chicago at 7:45 and arriving home at 10. Turns out that’s 7:45 the NEXT MORNING. I’m very very unhappy about this. How could that be a reasonable flight? Hopefully I can fly earlier on standby, or perhaps find someone to pick me up at the airport. I really don’t want to have to spend the night at the airport.

I suppose my terrible itinerary with too-long and too-short layover times is my own fault, since I clicked OK and bought the ticket, but it’s still very annoying that it was put together as a supposedly-sane itinerary in the first place. Grr.