IRC Quotes

I’m pawing through old IRC logs, to see if I can find useful recipes for the book I’m working on. I say some really strange things on IRC.

Here’s some samples:

(Someone asking for help with Linux on a Sparc. Don’t ask me why.)
<DrBacchus> ok. I don’t use Sun stuff. I hardly even ever see the sun. I’d make a bitchin vampire. I would not have to change my schedule …

Regarding someone who wanted to write an IRC bot in PHP:
<DrBacchus> A php bot? That’s just wrong. That is evil. Sick and wrong. You’ll go to hell for that. Writing a client/server application in php is, I believe, mentioned by Dante in one of the levels of the Inferno.

And then, later …
<Drizzt321> hey Gunnsi, what would you say to the person that created a php irc bot?
<DrBacchus> Hint: They are going to hell for it. It’s like writing a web server in Word macros

There’s more, but those particularly caught my eye.

It also occurs to me that it would be very nice if MT had something built-in so that I could paste in IRC things, and have it format them correctly.