In the airport

Apparently, somewhere along the line, there was some miscommunication. Anways, I arrived at the airport at about 2:40 and my flight left at 2:50, rather than 4:30, which I had written down. So I’m on a filght at 7:10. And now I can’t find the email that lists my itinerary. Interestingly, this is the only time I can ever remember being on a flight which stops, but where I don’t change planes.

So I’m back on the wireless network (outbound 80, 443, 21 permitted. Not much else. Fortunately I’m running sshd on port 21. Ok, I’ll say this one more time, folks. If you’re going to use a public wireless network, don’t share out your entire hard drive “Everyone, Full Control”. Don’t set your Administrator password to “”. Don’t label your directory of important documents as “Important Documents”. That is all.

So, looks like I’ll be in West Palm this evening, despite my attempts to miss the flight. 🙂 So I should probably begin to figure out what I’ll be talking about tomorrow.