I need a nap

Wow, it’s been a long day. I just spoke three times today, and I’m very tired.

Last night we had the members meeting, and Julian took a bunch of pictures of the members. Very cool stuff. Then I was up way too late talking with David and Mads and Chris. So I was tired this morning to start with.

This morning I talked about DAV, and Greg sat in and helped me out a lot when I didn’t know the answers to some of the more technical questions. This afternoon, I talked about mod_rewrite, and Mads sat in and helped me with some of the technical questions. So in all, I got some very good assistance with my talks.

Also this morning, Cory Doctorow spoke, and he was great. His talk was entitled “Open Source Isn’t a Crime, Yet”, and he talked about all the ways that Open Source software is set to become a crime in many contexts, in many parts of the world.

And, he used the Magic Underpants Gnomes as one of his examples. Can’t go wrong with that.