I left my clock in Sri Lanka

The last several days, I have been falling into bed exhausted at 9pm, and waking up refreshed and ready to go at 4am. I think I left my biological clock in Sri Lanka. I don’t recall ever having this much trouble readjusting to a timezone. But I suppose I’ve never been over that many timezones.

So, I’ve got about 5 more Sri Lanka episodes that I still need to write, which were … ahem … postponed by certain losers with nothing to better to do than deface my websites. Ah, well, it was time to rebuild the server anyway, so I suppose in a way it was a good thing. But it sure created a lot of additional work that I don’t have time for.

Which reminds me of a Goofy cartoon I saw on the plane on the way home. “Don’t end sentences with prepositions!” “What would I want to do that for?”