Hypocrisy starting to annoy me

As you may be aware (but are probably not, since the US media doesn’t think it’s particularly important) a rebel uprising in Haiti is starting to look pretty serious.

Ah, but get this. The US government, in its infinite wisdom, has stepped in and put the whole thing in perspective. Ready for this? The infiinitely sagacious Richard Boucher says that, by resisting the uprising, the Hatian government is contributing to the violence.

Um. Yeah. That’s what governments tend to do when there are uprisings. They resist them. Did you skip history class in school? You know, all the bits where the USA supports nations in suppressing their rebel uprisings?

What alarms me is that this sounds like the US government giving their polite excuses for not joining this particular party, even though they invited the guest of honor, who, surprise, suddenly nobody likes. (Where “suddenly” means since around 2000 when Mr Aristide rose to power.)

No, I don’t expect the US to rush down there and bail them out. But it would be nice if they didn’t feel the need to disparage the government’s attempts to put down the uprising.