Hungry hungry hungry

As often happens when I am upset about something, I did not actually eat anything yesterday. And, about the time when I was going to do so, the gentlemen from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints showed up, and stayed for a little more than an hour. I should probably write something about that visit, but I need to get to work. Perhaps later.

After they left, I wrote one recipe for the Apache Cookbook. One. That’s the sum of my accomplishments for this week. And so, somehow, in the next 48 hours, I need to accomplish something useful, and hopefully meet a few of the deadlines that I’m supposed to be working towards.

Meanwhile, I am very hungry, and don’t feel particularly great. I might end up having to skip this evening’s festivities, just so that I can get done a few of the things that have been left undone in the hell of this week.