Home automation

On the home automation front, I now have the following working.

When I walk into my bathroom, it turns on the light. However, if it is earlier than 6:30am, or later than 9:30 pm, the lights turn on at half intensity. Kinda nifty.

The laundry room and walk-in closet have cheaper Lowes-variety motion sensor lights, since in there I always either want the light on or off, and I want it to go off as soon as I leave.

The living room light turns on and off (and dims and brightens) by buttons on the television remote control.

And my halloween lights (orange christmas lights) turn on and off every time someone visits this website, or directly accesses http://wooga.drbacchus.com/x.cgi. Sure, this last isn’t very practical, but it makes me giggle.

Oh, yeah, and I have a little key-fob-style remote control by my bed that lets me turn on or off any of the lights in the room.

Next, I’m saving up for the x10 thermostat – slightly more practical, and very high geek factor. However, I think I’ve probably spent enough on this particular geeky hobby, at least until I get another royalty check. 😉