Home automation, and youtube videos

(Note: If you’re reading this on Facebook, you’re missing half of the story. Please follow the link to my website to see the rest of the post.)

I’ve been tinkering with making videos for a while, and have been learning a lot over the last year or so. Last week I decided to make a video about something not work related, and picked home automation. As it turns out, what I have to say about home automation fits naturally into 4 (or possibly more) episodes.

Here’s the first one.

What I learned from doing this video:

  1. Lighting is important. This is way too dark
  2. Need to actually show more of what you’re talking about, than just talking about it.

And here’s my second one:

I’m very pleased with this second video, but I still learned a few things from it. I learned a lot about the tool I’m using (kdenlive) and what you can do to paste various tracks together. Also, watching it again, I’m sure I can do better on sound levels. There’s just too much difference between the tracks where I’m sitting at my desk, and when I’m doing to “on site” clips. The former, I’m using my desk mic, and the latter is using the onboard mic on my camera. My desk mic is a better mic, but I just have it turned down lower. I can probably also adjust this when I’m editing the video.

In my next episode, I’ll be talking about the Phillips Hue products, and in the fourth, the Osram/Sylvania Lightify product.