Still haven’t had a chance to catch up on the week’s events at Big Nerd, but here are a few of the highlights.

* Saw an Apache on the way up from Apache training. Kinda cool.
* The first 30 miles driving north from Whitesburg took more than 3 hours. Geez. How does anybody get anywhere in the Atlanta area? It seems that I didn’t get out of Atlanta until after Chattanooga!
* A friend who does concert lighting has offered me a ticket to the June 2 Rush show in Columbus. I’ve been wanting to see these guys for more than 10 years, and was prepared to pay rediculous sums for a concert this year, since I figure the chances of seeing them drop significantly each year as they get older. Apparently it’s still a rockin’ show, and well worth the drive up to Columbus. Dean++
* Waiting in the mail when I got home was an empty padded envelope from O’Reilly. Huh? Seems they paid $5.75 to send me an empty envelope. What’s up with that? Must inquire around.
* Found a typo (“Vistual Hosts”) in the index for Apache Cookbook. Oy.
* The class was pretty amazing. Great students. Awesome post-class feedback. And the food. How am I going to manage on my regular fare after that? The Big Nerd folks are great to work with. I recommend it to anyone, either as a student or an instructor.
* Clifford (The Big Red Dog) and Franklin (the turtle) were at the book fair this morning, signing books. Be still my racing heart.

OK, now I need to go finish unpacking the Jeep, and try to arrange things in some semblance of order.