Harvest and Winery festival

Yesterday we went to the Chrisman Mill Harvest and Winery Festival, held at the beautiful Chrisman Mill Winery near Nicholasville. If you haven’t been out there, you really should go. It’s gorgeous this time of year.

The event was sponsored by Lexus of Lexington, 94.5, and a variety of other businesses. There were a dozen or so local artisans displaying their wares. And, since Chris and Denise have an adorable 4-year-old boy, there was also a lot of stuff for the kids.

We jumped in an inflatable castle, which was amazingly dangerous, and a ton of fun. And we painted a t-shirt with grape juice. There were also some of those fabric paints, and Sarah, somehow, managed to give it a good squeeze right when the wind gusted, and painted some shirts 2 tables away. The people wearing them were quite surprised. Sarah was certain that she had had no part in the event, so I took her side. 😉 I, for one, thought the purple looked quite attactive on their shirts. They seemed to think differently.

Oh, and the Chrisman Mill blackberry wine is out. I really should write about that over on my other journal, where I haven’t written anything for entirely too long.

Yeah. I’ll do that. A little later.