Hardware hates me

This morning I discovered that a drive controller had failed in a rather important server. The server just happened to have 5 nics in it, and be serving as a rather crucial router on our network, so that failure made a lot of people upset.

So, that consumed my entire morning, and then some.

And a few moments ago, as I was drifting off to sleep, an insistent beeping made me aware that my UPS had failed. This swiftly took down my three servers here in my little server room. So, rather than getting to be early, I spent the last hour dragging in another UPS that I happened to have on hand, and wrestling around the servers in order to get them plugged into this UPS. Now, however, I’m completely unsure what got plugged into the UPS, and what got plugged into the unprotected power strip. So I’ll likely have to do this all over again tomorrow. *sigh*

And, wow, it is really quiet in here with the servers off.