Haiti aftermath

My brother-in-law sent the following quick communique from Haiti this evening:

Quick message while I have email at a guest house. Most communication
is down. LIttle phone contact. No internet at school or home.

This is terrible. Spent last night outside on soccerfield with
family. We are OK. House is structurally OK, but a mess. School
will be closed indefinitely.

Dead bodies everywhere. I’ve contacted all but 6 teachers. Several
good friends are missing. Many big buildings collapsed. Hopefully
we’ll get communications back soon.

Many teachers involved in search and rescue.

We are OK, but please keep us in your prayers.

Please pass on this email to family, etc.

He’s the principal at a school in Port Au Prince.

It seems like Haiti can never get a break, and because things are so hard there, every disaster is that much harder to bear when it happens.