I just watched Hackers, again. I’ve probably seen it a dozen times now. I think I’ve come to a realization. The reason that I don’t watch many movies is that they suck me in too much. I identify with the characters entirely too much, and it messes with my mind. Hackers, for example, is about who I probably would have been had I lived in the USA during the 80s. Kinda scary.

I often wonder about how much trouble I would have gotten into if Asbury had had Internet when I was in college. I managed to get into quite enough trouble without it. Plus all the things that we never got caught for. 😉 (Ahem. Is the bell tower *supposed* to be that color?)

The sequence in Hackers, when they are altering the records for Mr. Richard Gill, just seems a little bit too much like me.

In college, about all that we had was a dialup number to the college computer. Of course, nobody knew the phone number, right? And we would dial up to it from the dorm, and log on and poke around. Later in college I managed to obtain a SLIP connection and a login on the computers at UK. We would log in and poke around there, looking around FTP- and Gopher-space. But, alas, we were right on the cusp of the WWW days, since I graduated in 1992.

Anyways, all that to say, “Hackers” always makes me sad, and glad, that I wasn’t a part of that subculture at just the right time in history, because I tend to think that I would have been a little more Joey than ZeroCool.