A month ago, Sarah and I went up to New Jersey with my parents to see grandma, as well as a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles who I hadn’t seen in more than ten years. Or is it whom? I dunno. Grandma would have known.

This week, I went up with my parents to say goodbye to Grandma for the last time. Twelve of the thirteen grandkids were there, and several of the great-grandkids. And all of Grandma’s daughters, and also her sister, who I had never met before. It was a truly beautiful service, and Grandma was laid to rest next to her husband, Cooper (after whom I’m named) who preceeded her by 33 years.

We were able to spend a few days with the family, and I was able to get reaquainted with a few of them, and spend an afternoon geocaching with two of my cousins. My brother came up from Paraguay for a few days, but my sister couldn’t make it, because Haiti is a rather difficult place to live.

I really hope that we get a chance to get back up there before another ten years. My cousins are all great people, and I really enjoyed spending time with them. But it’s not always very easy to find an excuse to make a 12 hour drive.

The last 4 nights were in 4 different states – Wednesday in PA, Thursday in NJ, Friday in MD, and Saturday back in KY – and it really is very nice to be home again.