Going to Vegas

No complaints on the flight out here. I watched two John Wayne movies (“Blue Steel” and “Dawn Rider”), finished Ray Bradbury’s “One More For The Road”, and resumed reading “July’s People.”

I managed to not get much in the way of breakfast, and miss lunch, so by the time I got here, I was famished. And I didn’t have any real idea what time it was. So after I got my stuff stashed at the hotel, I went out looking for food.

Ok, a word about the hotel. That word would be “wow.” This hotel suite is bigger than my appartment. Downstairs, I’ve got a sitting room, toilet, kitchen table, and bar. Upstairs is the bedroom and full bathroom. And halfway up the stairs, there’s a hottub/whirlpool. It’s quite a bit bigger than the suite I had last year, and closer to the main hotel buildings. Very very nice. The only problem with it, so far, is that the internet connection in here doesn’t work. But, when they offered to move me to a room where it does work, I declined. I’ll have quite enough network at the conference, and I can wait half a day for that.

So, anyways … I went out to find some food. I found a Subway store which was also a convenience store and a pizza place, right across the road from the Hard Rock. And after being in there for just a few minutes, Mads Toftum came in to get some food. So we chatted a while and had lunch/dinner/something together.

Afterwards, I came back to the hotel with the intention of going out to do some geocaching. I ended up only doing one, and it was just a little lame.

In Kentucky, virtual caches don’t get approved unless you actually have to go there and do a little work to find the answers. Here, apparently, it’s a little easier. There’s a lot to see here, and evidently there’s a virtual cache associated with all of it. This was, quite literally, a “drive by” cache, which you could do without even getting out of the car, or, to be honest, slowing down. I expect that you could do it from the comfort of your home by looking up some stuff on the WWW. I won’t tell you which one it is, or we’ll have a bunch of people logging the cache who have never been here.

So, although it was pretty neat to see, I somehow don’t think it warranted an actual cache. I’m almost reluctant to even log it.