Ghost Rider, finalé

I finally finished reading Ghost Rider, and wrote Neil Peart a short letter thanking him for the book. I don’t expect that he even reads his “fan mail” personally, but you never know.

I found the book to be very good. Lots of good insight, but no attempt to be preachy, or even to present itself as having any answers. There were answers, but only the ones that you already had inside you, and the ones that you are ready to arrive at on your own. I think.

I found the end to be rather rushed and unsatisfying, but, at the same time, it offered the hope that there might be some deus ex machina, even in Real Life. Maybe life doesn’t suck forever. Maybe I’m allowed to be happy again some day.

And so I wrote what is, I believe, only the second fan letter I’ve ever written.

The first one was to “When In Rome”, and they sent me a handwritten response. So you never know. And a letter from Neil Peart might actually be worth something some day. 😉

Anyways, thanks, Neil, for a thoughtful, helpful book. I hope that my healing road will be as successful as yours. If somewhat less expensive.