Getting ready for OSCon

Apparently OSCon is just a few days away. Sheesh. This year is going by mighty fast. And I *still* don’t have confirmation on my travel plans, although I’ve sent a number of irate email messages to the purported travel agent. I’ll be even more irate if I show up to the airport and don’t actually have a reservation to fly.

I don’t really have the building enthusiasm for OSCon as I have in years past. I’m not entirely sure why this is. I suppose it’s somehow related to my disconnection from the community for the last year, with work conditions and general busier-than-heck-ness conspiring to make me less involved. It seems that by this time last year I was all but packed and ready to go.

Perhaps I’ll meet interesting people and get fired up about some project or other while I’m out there. And, due to the savings that one gets from staying over the weekend, I’m actually not leaving until Sunday morning. Perhaps that could translate into more fun. Dunno. I just know that I’m greatly unenthused about the whole thing.