Geo::Waypoint and Geo::Gpx

I’m finally writing real, useful code again. Well, useful to me anyway.

I have Geo::Waypoint, and I’m about halfway to having Geo::Gpx working. A Geo::Gpx is a collection of Geo::Waypoints. The eventual goal is to be able to generate GPX files from stuff in a database, so that I can keep useful waypoints in a database, and generate GPX files for loading on my Palm and/or on my GPS as needed.

This is partially for a concept web site that I’m working on, and partially because I think that they are useful modules, and I have needed, for some time, to be working on something that makes me think, so that I don’t get dumber and dumber as I do brain-numbingly tedious tasks at work, and then come home and do nothing.

I’ll start releaseing actual files soon. I’m not sure if I’ll put them on CPAN, but I probably will, once I have an API that might be useful to someone other than myself.

There will also be Geo::Cache, which ISA Geo::Waypoint, but with more geocache-specific fields. I think that this is inline with the intent of the GPX and LOC files, but I need to see if there’s an actual standard for this, or just’s conventions.