Geocaching and Leeches

There’s a couple of small details that I omitted from my description of Friday at Rafter’s Retreat that I should fill you in on, my loyal readers.

Russ brought the makings of a geocache, and hid it near the cottages, and then a bunch of the rest of us went hunting for it. Suchetha was the first person to actually find it.

We had been promised that the place was infested with leeches, and during the geocaching, I had my first experience with them. They weren’t the big fat leeches from “Stand By Me”, but rather were small inch-worm looking things. Which, of course, just makes them harder to get hold of to yank off. They inject an anticoagulant, which then makes you bleed profusely after the sucker comes off.

Truly unpleasant experience, and not one that I would choose to repeat.

But, of course, I did repeate it, getting leeches on my legs and feet each time we went walking out into the jungle, throughout the rest of the time we were in Kitulgala. Nasty things.