Garage Band, mod_rewrite, and podcasts

I’ve been trying to convert my mod_rewrite presentation from Dublin to a podcast, complete with the slides from my presentation. I got about halfway through, and decided to do a test export so that I can see what it looks like.

Apparently I have some settings wrong somewhere. The images are getting squished into a frame that is the wrong aspect ratio, and so a lot of the content on the sides of the screen is getting chopped off. I tweaked settings and re-exported, at least getting the slide at full-size, so that it’s not terribly pixelated, but still am losing content from the sides. Not sure I’m going to finish doing it, if I can’t get it to render at full-size, since there’s not much point. So I might end up just posting up the audio without the slides. Unless someone has a suggestion of how to do this.

It’s not much fun testing setting changes, since the export takes about 20 minutes. So I’ll probably do some briefer recordings and see what I can come up with. Meanwhile, I have about half of the talk, with truncated slides, if anyone wants to see it. It’s 73M, so I won’t be putting it up for general distribution until I’ve decided what to do with it.