Free software is amazing

Yeah, Most of my readers already know that free software is amazing. But, wow, it’s really really amazing. Can I convey how amazingly amazing it really is?

Today, I’m most impressed with RT and Webalizer but there are so many other things out there that make me look like I worked hard, when in fact I just downloaded something and ran a script, or followed a few instructions.

RT is an *incredibly* professional “commercial quality” application. It has all the features that I want in an issue tracking system, as well as some I would never have thought of. And it makes me look smart. I can put up an issue tracking system in a day or two, and it costs me nothing at all, and it’s a slick package.

So, a hearty THANK YOU to Jesse and whoever else is involved in RT these days.

And, webalizer. Well, what can one say. I own Web Trends, but nobody can read the reports. They’re too detailed. Too full of inscrutable statistics. Webalizer is free, and people understand the results. What more can I want? So a big thanks to the folks at webalizer, too.