Fix, or replace?

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with my laptop, and I’m once again faced with the dilemma of whether to fix what I have, or replace it. I’m right on the cusp of buying a PowerBook and being done with it, but I’m being held back by the simple matter of cost. For about $90 I can get a replacement keyboard for this laptop, and solve the main thing that’s irritating me about it. And for another $35, I can replace the power supply. So, for $125, I can solve about 90% of what bugs me about this laptop. And the alternative is spending $1600 on a new laptop, which will, theoretically, make everything better and Just Work.

I’ve been making a concerted effort this year to avoid buying technology that I can live without, or replacing gizmos that I can persuade to limp along for a few more months or years. I think that this clearly fits into the latter, and, really, I just want to replace it because it seems, somehow, easier than fixing it.

*sigh*. I guess I’ll order the replacement parts.