Five things you didn’t know about me.

I got tagged by Ken. Hmm. Let’s see. Five things? Who started this, anyways?

Consider two sets. A is the set of all things that you, my loyal reader, don’t already know about me. B is the set of things that I am comfortable telling to the entire population of the Internet. A ∩ B is vanishingly small. But I’ll give it a shot.

1. My first job, when I graduated with a Masters degree in Mathematics, in abstract algebra, was as grounds keeper for a large church in Lexington
2. I was, I believe, the youngest instructor ever hired by Asbury College – I started teaching College Algebra at Asbury when I was 22.
3. I used to play violin for the Tallahassee Junior Chamber Orchestra.
4. I won the Kenyan national secondary school poetry recitation contest in 1987, reciting “To An Old Lady, Asleep At A Poetry Reading”, by James Kirkup. My phony English accent was convincing enough that the judge was quite distraught to find out afterwards that I was American.
5. In 1983, I won the North Florida, South Georgia, Road Racing Grand Prix, which means that I won more first places in 5K road races than anyone else in the 13-and-under age group.

Passing the baton, I think I’ll tag Ruth, Paul, Moose, Chris, and Tony.

So there.