Firefox vs Chrome

Today I installed Firefox 4 and switched back to FF, from Chrome, as my primary browser.

So far, here’s the score:


I like it. For most tasks, I really can’t tell a difference. A browser is a browser.


Not having to switch to Firefox to use Firebug – something I usually do two or three times a day when troubleshooting something I’m working on.

Pressing / to start searching for something, instead of ctrl-F – just a slightly faster keystroke.

The new “Pin As App Tab” feature is incredibly useful. Never heard of it before – maybe it’s been there a long time, I don’t know.


In Chrome, when you have a bunch of tabs open, and click the X to close one, the next one over to the right slides over so that its X is in the same location as the one you just clicked. In Firefox, the tabs resize themselves to accomodate the newly available space, and now you have to move the mouse to click the next X. This is, of course, a small and rather insignificant thing, but it is annoying.

In Chrome when I start typing a frequently-used URL, it fills in the rest for me. Thus, if I type “cnn” and hit enter, I get as expected. In Firefox, I get the Google search results for “cnn”, which is one extra click. For CNN, that’s not so bad. For ‘stage.customername’ (which I expect to auto-complete to it’s very annoying. Do What I Mean, please.