Field Day

Today was Field Day, and I spent almost the entire day at school with Sarah, which was wonderful. I worked at the Texas Moon Walk, which was an inflatable bounce thing. We’d let 5 or 6 or 7 kids in for a minute or two, and then persuade them to come out again.

In a special application of Boyle’s Law, I observed that 6 boys take up enormously more room than 6 girls.

After the field day events were done, I hung out with Sarah in her classroom while they wrote letters about what they loved about Field Day, and what they thought could be improved. Unfortunately, after lunch I had to come home to meet the air conditioning repair guy. As soon as he left, I biked back to school to spend some more time there.

All told, a wonderful day. I should take days off to hang out with Sarah more often. 🙂