Feels good to write code!

Having gone an inordinate amount of time without doing any real programming, last night krietz and I hacked on some mod_perl stuff until about 11. It’s a little package to allow our LUG to keep track of what is in our library, let people check out books, and write reviews of the book.

So we got stuff working at a rudimentary level, and now I’ve done some tweaking today. It’s pretty slick, and soon we’ll be ready to unleash it on the world. May even make it available for use outside of our little world if there seems to be any interest.

The only really disappointing thing about this project is all the people that said that they wanted to participate, and then never did. I know, there are always good reasons for this, mostly having to do with people being so darned busy, but I was really looking forward to doing a collaborative project with some of these folks.

Perhaps I’ll actually get some stuff done on the Malibut project, and get to participate in a collaborative project from the start. That could be a lot of fun.