Feeling older than dirt

I’m sitting on a bench in front of the library at Asbury College. I’m on the wireless network. Back in my day, there *certainly* wasn’t any wireless networking. Of course, the library wasn’t there, either.

<DrBacchus> Note to self: Hanging out on a college campus makes one feel old as dirt.
<DrBacchus> Was I ever this young?
<crschmidt> Yes.
<DrBacchus> ’tis hard to remember
<crschmidt> To you, going to college makes you feel old. To me, going to work makes me feel young.
<crschmidt> (The average person where I work is 11 years older than me)
<DrBacchus> I vaguely remember that sensation, too
<crschmidt> That’s what I get for dropping out of college and getting employed
<DrBacchus> Now my work is populated by young whippersnappers who don’t know what USSR stood for.
<crschmidt> heh
<crschmidt> United Soviet SuckeRs!
<DrBacchus> see?
<crschmidt> (united soviet socialist republic? wow, i am one of those whippersnappers. sorry.)
<DrBacchus> Just makes me nostalgic for when things were so much simpler and I thought they were complicated.
<DrBacchus> Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, actually, but it was just an example.
* crschmidt nods.
<DrBacchus> *sigh*
<DrBacchus> Of course, in my day, there wasn’t wireless networking to the park benches in front of the library, I can tell you that much.

(Apologies to crschmidt.)

Seeing all these kids making the decisions (and mistakes) that will mould the rest of their lives, one is tempted to grab a few and shake them. It’s amazing to me how seldom I really saw past the borders of the college. And how many things that seemed so important then seem so trivial now. And, certainly, vice versa.