Feeling movable

Alas, I’m feeling movable. I like movable type, mostly. I’ve been considering moving to WordPress for a while, but have blamed a lack of Tuits. Well, joy unbounded, MT has released a new version, along with a new pricing plan.

I am very much in favor of capitalism, so don’t think that this reaction is a feeling that they have “sold out” or “betrayed” me. I just can’t spend $$$ for something that I can get for free – particularly when it’s something that I can happily live without.

I’ve always been somewhat puzzled by their licensing. I like free software licenses to be free – in that I can freely modify the code and distribute modified versions of it. Semi-free licenses confuse me. But, the software worked, and that was sufficient. These days I’m much more interested in stuff that Just Works than I am in philosophy.

So, while I can’t work up the energy to feel outraged or offended or betrayed, I will be moving to WordPress as soon as I can find the time to do so, so that I won’t be in violation of MT’s new licensing, or even in violation of the spirit of the new licensing. I wish them luck and financial success, but suspect that they have just killed the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. I really do feel sorry for them, having taken one of my free products commercial at one point, thus losing all of my loyal users, development momentum, and name recognition. I hope that they have the good sense to back down enough to retain an income flow. I don’t wish poverty on anyone — it’s no fun.