Federal regulations on my money

My online banking account tells me:

For savings account transfers:
Federal Regulation D limits the number of preauthorized, automatic, telephone, electronic (including ACH), online and other transfers and withdrawals not made in person or at an ATM to six (6) per month for all savings accounts. Excessive activity will result in a Reg D violation fee for each applicable transfer/withdrawal over the monthly limit; please refer to your current pricing schedule for personal accounts. There is no limit to the number of transfers you can make from your checking account.

So … the government says that if I make more than 6 deposits to my savings account in a month, I’ve committed a crime. A crime for which they can fine me.

I have to assume that this made sense to someone. I hope that it’s about more than just artificially creating an additional source of revenue, but I honestly can’t see any reason why it would be a crime for me to transfer money to my savings account. I suspect that there are poorly defined reasons behind this, protected by the all powerful, but mostly illusory words “terrorism” and “national security”.

Whatever the reason, it makes me angry.