Excellent weekend

This weekend has been positively wonderful. On Saturday afternoon, we went to Boyd’s Orchard. Plans to go to Bi-Water Farm were changed at the last minute due to rain. Boyd’s is much less Six-Flags-ish. Just a playground, shop, hay ride, and corn maze. And it rained there, too, but the hay ride was covered, so we didn’t get soaked. They had two *huge* slides of the sit-on-a-sack-and-rupture-your-sacroiliac variety. Ow. Very wet, and very sore, posterior after that one. There was a mattress at the bottom, but apparently it was purely cosmetic.

Today we had lunch with my brother and his wife. Somewhere between church and lunch I baked 4 pumpkin pies, and they turned out pretty good. After lunch we went to the annual pumpkin carving party. I really wan’t particularly prepared for it, and didn’t have a pattern picked out. I carved a meta-jack-o-lantern. That is, I carved a jack-o-lantern as part of my pattern. But someone broke it before I could get a picture, making it a virtual-meta-jack-o-lantern.

Sarah carved two pumpkins – one was a goofy face and the other was her name I got a picture of the latter, as well as a number of pictures of various folks carving. This year we had less time than usual, since it was on a Sunday rather than a Saturday, and tomorrow there’s school. But it was still really fun. I still have another pumpkin, on which I intend to do something more elaborate.

Anyways, I’m tired, and Sarah is asleep, and I think I’ll probably go to bed now, since tomorrow is likely not to be any fun at all, and I might as well end the weekend on a good note.