Election day

I’m about to walk out the door and go to the polling booth. This is a very strange election day, because, for the first time, I don’t feel good about voting for anyone. And yet, I’m not considering not voting. Politicians, we all know, make promises in order to get elected, and when they are elected, they don’t have a free hand to make good on those promises, even if they happened to mean what they said. This time, it is even hard to believe that they mean what they said. Better, cheaper health care? Not likely. Purge the world of evil? Bah. Find and capture Osama Bin Laden? Did it occur to you that he might not want to be found? Or, perhaps, that not finding him has its own political bright side?

And, of course, that’s just the presidential race. The local races are even more irritating, because they have been made about a single stupid issue. For those of you outside this area, the issue is this. Should the city government spend money it doesn’t have in order to buy the water company?

A tad of back-story is needed. A german company (that’s right, those evil germans) wanted to buy the water company. And, naturally, as good brave red-blooded americans, we couldn’t have that. We didn’t storm the beaches at Normandy to have any germans owning the water company, no sir! So, being logical, if somewhat narrow-minded, our city council condemned the water company – that’s right, the whole thing – so that it could buy it at bargain basement prices. This would have worked, except for two tiny details. One, it’s illegal, and two, the company in question didn’t actually want to sell, at any price. *sigh*. Capitalism is *SO* inconvenient.

Rephrasing the issue as being about protecting our future (whatever that means), this became the one issue in the city council elections.

I don’t know how it is in other cities, but here in Lexington, the City Council is an old-boys’ club where the members vote comfort for themselves, and keep the populace as much in ignorance as possible so that they can get re-elected the next year.

And so I have the choice of voting in the bum from last year, or voting for a completely unknown bum. Not much of a choice.

Well, folks, if you haven’t voted, you need ot go vote. It’s the most important thing you’ll do today. Try really hard to choose the least of all available evils. And may God have mercy on us, and on the generations who will inherit our bad decisions.