Ebay is of the Devil

There. I said it. EBay is of the Devil. It’s an evil, wicked, unholy addiction. The entire site is geared to get people to buy stuff that they don’t need or want, at completely unjustified prices.

Oh, wait, that’s how our entire economy works. I forgot.

I’ve been looking for a decent compass that didn’t cost a fortune, and I found a “Military style compass”, which I bought for $0.01. Which makes me wonder, what’s going to be wrong with it when it shows up? Will it be the size of a pencil eraser? Will it point SSE? Will it even arrive?

Next, why do they assume that if I just bought one X that I’m sure to want 48 more Xs? I suppose they must have good results with this approach, or they would not do it. Perhaps a lot of collectors shop on ebay. Dunno. I just know that the few times I have gone shopping on ebay, I’ve ended up with stuff that I didn’t really want, and paid way too much for it.